Our digital, always-on culture has us sucking up new info at unprecedented rates. That may make traditional real world training feel a little slow and uninspiring. Though a thoughtfully prepared face-face training is still a useful and enjoyable activity, these days it works best as part of a blended learning approach which combines real world training, with the mobile, customisable, scalable advantages of a digital learning platform like MobieTrain.

MobieTrain helps you engage employees in new ways and make sure their learning is personalised. It increases their motivation and knowledge retention and enables you to easily keep track of where they’re at and where they need to get to.

We don’t just make that easy, we make it fun too!



MobieTrain’s mobile-first platform allows learners to access it wherever and whenever they want. When they have time and energy. At their desk or away from it. Our platform is not just user-friendly, and full of visual appeal it can be customised to your brand too.



To keep learner’s enthusiastic and motivated you can incorporate gamified elements like quizzes, videos, levels and rewards. Gamification is also a perfect vehicle for microlearning and repetition practice, at effective intervals – increasing knowledge retention by up to 50%.



Modern learners have just 1% of their working week to dedicate to learning. With MobieTrain they can be actively learning using just 5 minutes a day. Our easy to use content tools mean you can continuously upgrade and update your learning materials, twice as fast as with other e-learning software.



Everyone has different learning needs and learns at their own tempo. Use our data dashboard to get actionable insights and combine your findings with the learner’s first-hand experience to make the most of coaching sessions. Or view the progress of a whole team at a glance.



MobieTrain is as much as 6 x more effective than other e-learning! It is the employee engagement tool that makes a difference.



And did we say it was fun? Can’t say it enough – it really is fun. Make learning an enjoyable experience and you increase knowledge retention, motivation and engagement in one fell swoop.


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