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Sharing Knowledge about Learning and Development

It’s in our core mission to teach what we preach. We can only grow when we learn, if it’s on a business or personal level.
Sharing knowledge is just making a better world, cause it creates happy companies, happy employees and happy end customers.

How to create an engaging Learning Experience?

To create a successful learning experience, one must understand how learners think and act when processing new information. Our brain works in a peculiar way when we gain new knowledge and if we’re able to understand that learning process, we’re halfway there towards creating a successful training.

How to boost Learning Motivation?

Welcome to the wonderful world of gamification. A term that most certainly rings a bell, right? But do you truly understand its meaning? And more importantly, how it can benefit you as a learning professional? Maybe you think that gamification is all about fun and games, but then you better think twice! Because nothing could be further away from the truth.

How do People learn?

Do you want to grow as a learning professional? Then this eBook is exactly what you need! Because as a trainer, it is essential to know how people learn. By understanding what is going on inside our brains, you can design far more effective trainings. So, let’s have a look inside that mysterious grey mass, shall we?

How Blended Learning increases Knowledge Retention by +50%

Traditional training methods are no longer adapted to modern needs. Blended Learning augments traditional methods without seeking to replace them by using a reliable learning platform as a compliment to in-person training sessions. Discover how blended learning can impact your bottom line.

Learning in the Flow of Life by Guest Author Katja Schipperheijn

In this ebook, we focus on the main opportunities to become agile learning organisations, while harvesting the advantages of digital and microlearning experience platforms.

How does Mobile Microlearning produce such impressive Results?

Microlearning combines four science-based techniques to improve knowledge retention and engagement. Let’s have a look at these techniques.

Want to know the Key to great Customer Experience?

It doesn’t matter what you do, what product you sell or what service you provide – it’s always about the experience you give to the customer. Customer experience and employee knowledge go hand in hand as your employees are the ones who communicate the brand, its values and mission to the customer. As part of an ongoing series, we are going to discuss what it takes to provide excellent customer experience and how this is linked to knowledge.