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Wir schätzen Kundenrezensionen am meisten, weil sie uns ein realistisches Bild davon geben, was wir besser machen können und wie wir mehr Einfluss auf die Kundenerfahrung, die Funktionen und den Support haben können. Bewertungen sind unsere wertvollsten Auszeichnungen.

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Brian B.
Engage your staff with Mobietrain ☺Mobietrain provides a simple and fun way to engage all staff no matter the location or language. The team at Mobietrain is committed to helping your organization succeed and they understand the challenges retailers face. ☹A full communication platform to coincide with the training, or integration with communication tool providers.
Sherine E.
Retail Training for Azadea Great and beneficial customized training by bites for 6000+ users Amazing collaboration with the team - attentive, listen, cooperative ☺Customer Support - very friendly and responsive team Avant-Gardiste - microlearning trend - targeted and purely customized to our material, culture, mission ☹Some technical difficulties with the dashboard which can be improved (loading, query failures...)
Joyce A.
Retail Training Very smooth and beneficial experience overall for 6,000+ users - content wise, very customized to our corporate culture and mission - flow of communication and collaboration between teams is great ☺Interactive and engaging platform - very easy to access and navigate Easily integrated with our existing platform Features: short tracks - microlearning that target specific topics and specific groups of users Customer Support - prompt answers and support - friendly team ☹Some features that can always be improved, especially the dashboard, adding badges to the gamification aspect...
Hamed H.
Social aspect in Mobietrain A very nice collaboration! ☺A very nice way to get to know a lot of features of the organisation from a distance ☹To put everything in place before we can go online.
Damien J.
MobieTrain, a fun way to teach, to learn and to play Advantages for trainers: It is faster and easier to write and encode our trainings. Their updates also. Benefits for learners: I can train myself day by day. I no longer have to find a computer and leave the sales area. I take the smartphone out of my pocket and I "play" a training. It's fun and fast. ☺1 ° The very intuitive interface is supported by a very easy content upload management. In one click, it is possible to create all the contents available in the application. And there are many: text, images, videos, questions (of several types, they are all useful). Special mention to the possibility of creating multiple answer questions using pictures as answers, very fun and very engaging for the learner. 2 ° The user management and learning groups are very simple. From an Excell file, we create our user database. All you have to do is assign them to the user groups previously created and offers an "à la carte" training catalog adapted to each. 3 ° Another essential point and very well done by the MobieTrain team is support. After physical training dedicated to discovery of the application and the creation interface, we dive with joy into the bath. The MobieTrain team told us "We are ready for you" and they didn't lie. A problem ? A simple email and a clear response is sent within 10 minutes. Training completed ? We notify the MobieTrain team and feedback is quickly sent to challenge us and help us improve. (Mireille did you notice? I put the capital "T" on MobieTrain ;-)) ☹2 small remarks: - Too bad that only Youtube videos are accepted. It would have been interesting to be able to integrate other readers into the application - Impossible to "copy / paste" of the created contents, I would like for example to be able to move certain Topics by cutting them then by sticking them in another place.
France L.
Great business partner The overall experience with MobieTrain is great. The team is very open minded and they are always doing their best to support. ☺We love the CMS. The fact that you can easily create learning path autonomously. The system is really easy to use. ☹Maybe I would say that when you have published a path, it's not very flexible to modify.
Kevin L.
Nice tool for easy learning Very nice experience with a very nice crew. Very helpfull, they're always listening to your problems and ideas and try in the best delays to implement your specific needs. ☺Nice flow, very good user guidance. It's nice to have a user friendly mobile tool that guides us trough an whole learning. It's just learning by having some fun 🙂 ☹Just like other tools, everybody have to go trough kind of a learning process to be able to know and understand every functionality. But that's normal I think.
Shana D.
Ook zonder voorkenn ☺Het programma is makkelijk te gebruiken door iedereen. Het programma is logisch opgebouwd. ☹Het programma slaat wat je deed niet automatisch op en wanneer je het programma verlaat, vraagt het ook niet of je alles wil opslaan. Hierdoor gaat input soms verloren. Wanneer een foutmelding wordt gegeven is het niet steeds duidelijk waarover deze gaat. Een duidelijkere omschrijving zou wenselijk zijn.
Baptiste S.
Easy to use and time saving. Really happy, time and energy saving. ☺Really easy to use. Really good to make sure all the team members receive the same training/information's. Time saving for managers with team : one person with one computer instead of 2 persons (one explaining the other0) - just need to check up with team and discuss about it, but hours won really. ☹More related to my employer than directly to the app : more products information's needed maybe, for the rest really happy.
Sylvain G.
Review ☺User friendly, gamification, clear learning path ☹There is nothing that I do not like about this application

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