The digital economy: fast moving, on-demand, increasingly varied and complex. It’s given consumers more of what they want, more often, and super-quick. No wonder then that both online and off customer service expectations continue to rise.

Perhaps you’re in fast fashion, juggling the duel demands of real life customers with an ever increasing number of collections a year; or hospitality, combining front desk customer care with behind the scenes logistics: whatever your business, making sure that your frontline staff are able to learn both on the job and off, in a way that suits their personal needs and workflow, is now essential.

MobieTrain is adapted to meet both the needs of customer service training and individual knowledge building. You develop and brand your own training content; personalise it to different training needs; and to each individual learner, be they full-time or flex, young or old, new to the job or an experienced professional.



Personalise MobieTrain for skill level (newbies need different knowledge than an experienced sales manager after all). And use personal learning paths so that every team member’s training evolves in-line with their needs and abilities.



Our mobile-first approach works perfectly on-the-go: no longer do whole teams need to spend hours at a time on old-school training. MobieTrain can be used as a stand-alone method or as an integral part of a blended learning strategy.



Include gamified elements and viral videos, for fun, interactive, and engaging learning that guarantees better knowledge retention. Humans evolved to deal with short bursts of information, repeated at intervals – we are natural microlearners!



MobieTrain’s methods have been shown to be 6 x as effective as traditional methods!



Create content for ongoing training and to introduce new material throughout the year. Creating content with MobieTrain is 50% faster than with traditional e-learning. Use our comprehensive dashboard to quickly and continuously monitor progress and set new goals for learners.



Examples? Crash courses can help staff learn the why and wherefores of a new retail collection or a longer personal learning path can be tailored to develop your new sales worker’s customer service skills.


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