Coaching Tool

A combined Learning and Coaching Framework

Next to to the Microlearning Tool we developed the complementary Coaching Tool to create the ultimate blended feedback culture. Once the theoretical training is completed via Microlearning, the trainer can automatically review and discuss the generated digital assessment and seamlessly monitor whether the trainees’ training behaviour changes over time.

The Coaching Tool Philosophy

A positive, proactive and data-driven Approach

The philosophy behind the coaching tool is a positive, proactive and data-driven approach. We approach training in a positive way:we train and coach employees instead of focusing on the mistakes and flaws of the learner.

  1. Mobile Microlearning Platform: Learning the theory
  2. Coaching tool: Applying the behaviour in practice

How does it work?

Mobile Microlearning > Digital Assessment > Full integration > Feedback Culture

  1. Your team member completes a personalised training path in MobieTrain Microlearning Platform
  2. Via the Coaching Tool the coach gets informed that the training has been completed and is ready for observation and discussion
  3. The Coach completes the observation and the digital assessment in the Coaching Tool along preset dimensions
  4. The result of the assessment is fully integrated in the Coaching and Mobile Microlearning Tool
  5. Newsfeed message sent to employee with results of the assessment initiating the creation of a feedback culture

How does it look?

Feedback Culture

Case Study

Proximus Coaching Tool

On top of the 60+ learning paths that were developed, we also worked with Proximus to co-create a bespoke coaching tool. We transformed their “coaching grids” into a digital environment that links with our learning tool to activate specific coaching based on how the employee is progressing. This identifies specific skill gaps and provides greater personalisation, thus improving employee knowledge retention and engagement.