Create Your Own Content with Our New CMS Launch


Easily transform your existing training materials into bite-sized, mobile learning content to launch to your employees worldwide, with our new Content Management System.

Launched last month, we are proud to present our new CMS. Our product team worked around the clock to ensure that our pilot launch with our client, Vans, went very smoothly.

So, why is this exciting, and what does this mean for you?

Create Your Own Bite-Sized, Learning Content

Speed up onboarding and launch your training quicker by logging directly into our CMS and following our easy to use templates and steps.

Don’t know much about micro-learning? Don’t worry. We’ve built our CMS alongside existing clients and employees, to ensure that it is as user-friendly, engaging and easy to use as possible.

That is why we have built in the following features, that will help anyone to login and get started straight away:

Ready-to-Use, Tried & Tested Templates

We’ve pre-built a recommended one-month track and three month track into the CMS. Based on years of working closely with clients and employees and monitoring the most successful and engaging templates, we have built these in for you to use. Just select whether you want one month or three months, and follow the easy to use steps.

Engage A Global Workforce with Multiple Languages

Our microlearning platform is especially suited to global companies with a diverse, mobile and international workforce. We know how challenging it is to engage and train employees in multiple countries and locations, especially deskless workers.

So you can now create your mobile training in one language, and launch it in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German and Polish. (More languages coming soon)

Target and Segment Different Stores and Users

We want you to optimise your L&D by easily being able to identify and track existing knowledge gaps and training results. So, you can input different segments, stores and users within the platform in order to do this. This then links to our dashboard so that you can monitor and optimise results, and drive change.

We’re Still Here to Help

Our experienced team will still be on hand to help you get started, or if you have any questions. We’ll also be adding to our onboarding and educational tutorials and guides in the coming months to make it even easier. 


Why is this An Exciting Step for MobieTrain?

The launch of our CMS signifies an important and exciting step in the evolution of MobieTrain. Our vision has always been to empower clients to easily create and launch their own micro-learning content, as we believe that mobile and microlearning is the future of work.

We’re excited that our new CMS gives more clients the ability to do this quicker, and easily, without the need of consulting our team. This brings us closer to our transition towards a SaaS platform that will set the standard for mobile learning worldwide.

However, we are still here to help, and will still be available to consult with clients to ensure that their challenges are met.

What’s Next?

We’re working in two-weekly sprints to continually update and optimise the feature-set and functionality of our CMS. So it is constantly evolving. Our product roadmap includes the following new features in the coming months:

  • More advanced Branding & Colouring features to reflect clients’ brands
  • More pre-programmed question options including multiple choice
  • More advanced guidance on end of level tests and what pass mark to set them at
  • More off-the-shelf templates
  • Deeper onboarding and educational guides

We look forward to sharing updates on future releases, and hope you enjoy using our CMS to train and empower your employees.  

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