Vans wanted to be more effective in delivering a consistent brand and product message through  their +1,000 store assistants in EMEA. That is why they introduced MobieTrain for onboarding, product training, sales and servicing techniques.

Proximus wanted to increase the effectiveness of their trainings. They use MobieTrain for a first skill assessment before staff can go into more extensive training methods.

Diesel needed to train their sales employees about their new omnichannel strategy. They use MobieTrain to explain the changing needs of the customers and the market, their new strategy, and the new operational processes and tools for the store staff.

Timberland uses MobieTrain to inspire their employees about their newest campaigns, products and strategies in a creative and effective way across 1,000+ stores in Europe. 

Did you know that...

We have more than 50,000 users worldwide!

Azadea’s main focus is providing excellent customer service. They use MobieTrain to provide all their brands with key trainings on customer centricity and selling techniques.

By using MobieTrain, Total transformed their traditional e-learning trainings into fun, bite-sized microlearning about theft prevention techniques.

Nestlé was looking for an effective way to boost awareness on their newest sustainability campaigns. They use MobieTrain to cover their most important changes, goals and missions within the company.

Swissmedic uses MobieTrain to digitalise their trainings and empower their employees with knowledge remotely and on a much bigger scale.

Empower urban youth from diverse backgrounds and let them shine – that’s what LGU is all about. They use MobieTrain to teach youngsters about how they can explore their talents and prepare themselves for their future.

P&V uses our application to train their agents about their new clients, customer needs and customer centricity.

Did you know that...

More than 15 countries worldwide use MobieTrain!

BMW uses MobieTrain to develop their own learning content in order to reinforce the knowledge from their face-to-face trainings.