Are you looking for a digital training tool to add to your blended learning strategy? One that you can tailor to your organisation? That helps you bridge the knowledge gap for workers no matter what their role? Then look no further: MobieTrain can be integrated into your current set-up; is perfect for mobile learning; and ensures adoption and motivation amongst learners, thanks to its engaging visual style and gamified features.

Personalised, with easy monitoring

MobieTrain works with personal learning paths for every employee. These can be tailored to their role, their learner type and their progress. Microlearning works in short bursts, repeated at effective intervals. Using MobieTrain for 5 minutes a day can increase knowledge retention by up to 50% and employees have fun while doing it. Win-win. Monitor your learner’s progress and maximise the value of personal reviews with our comprehensive data dashboard.

User-friendly & adaptable

Easy and engaging to use, MobieTrain is suitable for a wide-range of learners. The visual learning and gamified elements make it easy and fun to use and encourage adoption. Our current clients report 90% adoption in most cases. And adoption is at least 4 x higher than with traditional e-learning. The CMS too is easy to use and requires no special training for those developing your tailor-made content: making content can be up to 50% quicker than with average digital training solutions.


Roll out to all staff, in real-time, whether you are a large governmental organisation or using MobieTrain for smaller teams. Employ our AI newsfeed to keep everyone up-to-date on the topics most relevant to their work.


MobieTrain is both GDPR and WCAG compliant. It works on iOs or Android, can be integrated into your current software and tailored to your branding.

Full support

The MobieTrain CMS is easy and intuitive to use. However, if you need additional support, no problem! Our experts are on-hand to answer questions. We can train your staff to use the system, help make your content engaging and effective, and share ‘best practices’ based on our experience with a wide-range of enterprise clients. Let us get you up and running in as little as 2 weeks!


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