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A Better-Trained Workforce? There’s an App for That.

Chicago Booth’s business accelerator helped a London-based Executive MBA student turn his idea into a thriving, mobile-first training startup that’s helping frontline employees grow their skills.

Written by Melissa Brooks

Guy Van Neck, ’14 (EXP-19), came to Booth with three master’s degrees under his belt: communication sciences, management, and marketing and advertising. With his passion for learning, it makes perfect sense that he launched a startup focused on professional growth. His Belgium-based company, MobieTrain, offers companies a fun, mobile-first microlearning training platform for their employees.

“I wanted to help people get the content they need to support them in their jobs, and also in their life goals,” he said. 

Mystery shopping and audit

MobieTrain was inspired by Van Neck’s time managing the European business for BARE International, a mystery shopping and audit company headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. As he guided retailers in improving the customer experience, he realized there was little training for the sales staff who interacted with customers every day. 

“There’s a lot of training for people in management, but the people in stores who are actually dealing with customers are often overlooked,” he said. “Companies wanted good sales, but most employees on the front lines never get the chance to keep improving their sales skills through courses.” 

He created the business plan for MobieTrain while he was a student in Booth’s Executive MBA Program London. He brought his plan to the Global New Venture Challenge (GNVC), where he received tremendous support from Waverly Deutsch, clinical professor at Chicago Booth and the Polsky Director of the UChicago Global Entrepreneurs Network.

“Waverly was extremely positive about the concept,” Van Neck said. “She mentioned that often sales training is seen as ‘you can do it or you can’t.’ But there are actually a lot of techniques you can learn—how to close the sale, how to make contact with the customer, how to deal with difficult customers. She was really pleased to see that we wanted to support that journey and give people the right tools.”

“Everybody in the Global New Venture Challenge was really positive. With all the input from experts, it felt like there was more to do with the idea. That gave me the final push to start my company.” — Guy Van Neck, ’14 (EXP-19)

First place

During the GNVC’s first round of pitches in London, one of the best pieces of feedback Van Neck received was to narrow his company’s focus to be more specific within the retail space. Van Neck refined his business plan for the final competition in Chicago, focusing on sales training in just a few verticals, including fashion and sporting goods. “That was what we really built our full pitch and story around,” he said. He believes this focus is why his team ended up winning second place at the GNVC, and later first place at UNLEASH, a large, international startup competition in the human resources field.

“Everybody in the GNVC was really positive,” Van Neck said. “With all the input from experts, it felt like there was more to do with the idea. That gave me the final push to start my company.” 

The entrepreneur credits the Booth network with helping MobieTrain score its first big client: the lifestyle retail company Azadea Group in Beirut, Lebanon, which operates more than 35 brands across the Middle East and Africa.

“The CEO, Said Daher, ’11 (EXP-16), actually studied in the Executive MBA Program a few years before me,” Van Neck explained. “At the end of the MBA, my professors said I should contact him, and that’s how I got five minutes to pitch him. He brought me to meet with his team and then we actually made a deal.”

Thriving startup

Five years later, MobieTrain is a thriving startup, providing onboarding as well as safety, sales, and other trainings to companies in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and health care. Although MobieTrain, like many businesses, experienced some setbacks in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the startup has since rebounded, as many companies have seen the need to invest in remote trainings for employees. Now, Van Neck is looking to explore the US market. 

“A great thing that I’ve always seen with Booth is that you have so many people you know around the world,” Van Neck said. “The moment we want to launch our business in the US, I can use the network there and that’s fantastic.”



MobieTrain offers 1,000 youngsters free personal development

Today, Let’s Go Urban, a non-profit organization that wants to get the best out of Antwerp’s youth, is launching a new digital campaign to help young people from the city with their personal development, choice of study and career. To this end, the Belgian smartphone app start-up MobieTrain is offering the LGU Academy 1,000 free licences for personalized micro-learning programmes.

“The past ten years have taught us that young people are in great need of support,” says Sihame El Kaouakibi, who launched the initiative. “Forty per cent of the young people we reach with Let’s Go Urban are disadvantaged. Here with us they find role models, inspiration and ‘good vibes’. But we are also being asked more often about well-being, support with studies, work and entrepreneurship. With this new digital project, we are letting young people know that we are also there for them during the corona crisis: today, tomorrow, always. At the same time, thanks to MobieTrain they can continue to work on their personal development, qualities and talents.”

We want to appeal to young people for their strength, courage and responsibility. This way we get them to grab life with both hands. They are not alone,” adds LGU coordinator  Valentina Nigro. “We do this with the right tone of voice and each time a call to action that fits in perfectly with their everyday environment. The learning paths are built according to the methodology of our LGU Academy and we will continually adjust them.”

Bite-sized learning paths of ten minutes

The MobieTrain app allows young people to go through short learning paths of up to ten minutes at their own pace. “It’s a fun way of learning and discovering yourself. If our app can steer young people in the right direction in this way, then we at MobieTrain are happy to work on this. And if Let’s Go Urban expands the initiative, we will increase the number of licences with great conviction,” says MobieTrain CEO Guy Van Neck, who has made their application available free of charge due to the corona crisis until the end of May.

Let’s Go Urban set up the learning paths in MobieTrain in four categories. These help young people between the ages of 14 and 20 respectively to discover their talents (‘empowerment’), to decide on a study choice that suits them (‘education’) and to prepare them for the job market for their first job or starting their own company (‘employment’ and ‘entrepreneurship’, from the age of 17).

‘Empowerment’ as the first hurdle

LGU Academy takes the empowerment track as the first hurdle. It will teach young people the difference between talents and qualities, among other things, and how you can use and develop both. This should give young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods a new outlook. In Kiel, the ‘home’ of Let’s Go Urban, the unemployment rate is 13 per cent and just over 60 per cent are low-skilled. “So it is essential to invest in these forgotten neighbourhoods with forgotten young people. We believe in them and won’t give up on them,” says Sihame El Kaouakibi.

The campaign is supported by posters and with the hashtags #pitchyourself, #treatyourself, #educateyourself and #employyourself on social media. Young people who want to use the LGU Empowerment track in MobieTrain can sign up at The other three tracks will be activated in the course of 2020.


About LGU Academy
LGU Academy, founded by Sihame El Kaouakibi in 2009, brings together young people between the ages of 6 and 30 through a positive connection – PASSION: passion for dance, sports, music, entrepreneurship and so on. LGU is a community, a family where you can discover yourself, your talents, new friends, people who believe in you and your future potential. LGU organizes different weekly workshops in the Urban Center in Kiel, Antwerp.

MobieTrain Founder and CEO Guy Van Neck

MobieTrain raises €1.8 million from new capital round

MobieTrain, a start-up that develops mobile and microlearning software, has received a €1.8 million capital injection from Limburg investment company LRM and the Concentra Media Group. A number of existing shareholders and management are also participating in the investment round. And two major banks, including BNP Paribas Fortis, are supplementing the capital with a bank loan.

The young company was named Limburg Start-up of the Year in 2019, and is now shifting up a gear. ‘Our app and team are ready. The new capital will allow us to accelerate our growth trajectory. Following our impressive start with some significant major customers in 2019, this new capital means we can ramp up our sales and marketing efforts even further. We’re planning to expand our home market initially, but we’ve also built a commercial partner network abroad and are aiming to continue our growth there. We have around 20 paying customers in 13 countries already, and are focusing our attention on Northwestern Europe for our next step,’ says CEO Guy Van Neck.

MobieTrain is investing some of the capital injection in opening an office in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, where some of the technical development takes place. Seven employees will start work there soon.

Success in retail

The MobieTrain app allows companies to design very individualised and dynamic learning paths for their employees. Organisations can use the intelligent microlearning platform to share new information with personnel, or refresh their knowledge at a rhythm that suits them, in a mobile, flexible, user-friendly and effective way. Thanks to its short courses of five to ten minutes, ‘microlearning’ is the most effective form of training for increasingly mobile employees.

MobieTrain is also aiming to break into the hospitality and care sectors, among others, through partners such as Beekeeper, SAP, Speakap and Spencer. The start-up is currently particularly active the retail sector, with customers such as Diesel, Proximus, Timberland and Vans already using the app to quickly inform their teams about new collections or sales techniques.

Importance of ‘customer service’

‘Physical shops are already disappearing from the high street under pressure from e- commerce. But successful brands are managing to combine offline and online sales, and increasingly using physical stores as an ‘advice point’. Good customer service is crucial in this model, and we’re making sure that MobieTrain can fulfil this need and give our clients a competitive advantage. We’re planning to use artificial intelligence more and more in our app in the future, so we can personalise our learning trajectories even further,’ says co-founder Mireille van Hemert-Schelling.

‘We strongly believe in the potential of MobieTrain to meet businesses’ needs to provide employees with information quickly and efficiently via a digital and personal application. This perfectly matches our vision to invest in promising enterprises, even with other parties also coming on board,’ says Tom Aerts, Head of Investments at LRM.

MobieTrain Winner Award Coolest HR Tech Solution 2019

Coolest HR Tech Innovation Award

We’re delighted to have won the ‘Coolest HR Tech Innovation Award 2019.’ After an intense day of pitching and networking at the annual HR Innovation and Tech Day event in Mechelen last week, we were selected for the top prize. Find out why in HRMinfo’s article below:

“On 14/5/2019, during the elevator pitch of the 2nd HR innov & tech Day (powered by HRMinfo), MobieTrain was elected ‘Coolest HR Tech solution of the year 2019’.

An expert jury’s points represented 60%, and those of the room 40%.

The jury consisted of:

  • Danny Azou (HR Technology Manager @ Randstad Belgium)
  • Frederik Tibau (Director of International Relations @ &
  • Bea Cleeren (Community Manager @ Start it @ KBC)
  • Hans Mangelschots (Business Development Manager @ HR Tech Valley)

MobieTrain is allowed to use this title for a year, until the next edition of the HR innov & tech Day.

This third edition of the HR innov & tech Day was attended by 424 participants, 63 percent more than last year.

MobieTrain, founded in 2015, is a mobile platform for personalized learning trajectories.

The start-up recently raised one million euros in a capital round from the Limburg Investment Company LRM, ING and several private investors. The company moves from the outskirts of Antwerp to C-mine Crib in Genk.

In total, 10 suppliers of innovative, web-based HR tools – software packages, apps, web platforms – took part in the elevator pitch: Predictive Index/PeopleForSuccess, MobieTrain, Visotalent, FlowSparks/UNI-Learning, TheMatchBox, Skeeled, UQ Career, Q7 Leader, Spencer en Kazi.

On the photo: Guy Van Neck of MobieTrain (with his thumb up) with his right (left on the photo), Marc Ernst, director of BizInfo, the ‘company behind’ HRMinfo. ”

(See original HRMinfo article at this link)

This is just the latest vote of confidence that we’ve had in our product and team in the past month. Last week, we also found out that we have been selected for the prestigious SAP StartupSelect HR program. Accelerator programmes have proven very successful for us, and we’ve also just wrapped up our PWC Scale Programme in Germany.

This award continues to show how micro-learning is the future of work, and companies are benefitting from empowering their employees worldwide with our mobile-based L&D platform.



Nominated for “Belgian Startup of the Year”

What is Datanews?

Datanews is a prestigious Belgian ICT-magazine. They are well known for their various events such as “CIO of the year”, the “ICT Manager Contest” and “She goes OCT”. But most importantly, Datanew also organises the “Datenews Awards of Excellence”- the most prestigious ICT-event of the year, ladies and gentlemen. And yes, we are extremely proud to announce that we are selected for “Belgian startup of the year”!

Awards for Excellence

The Data News Awards for Excellence 2019 rewards companies, products and individuals from 14 important categories within the ICT sector, including “Belgian Startup Of The Year”. In April, a professional, specialist jury will use the ranking to decide who is the final winner in the 14 categories.

We need you!

 Every vote counts, which is why we need YOU to help us win by voting on MobieTrain in the “Belgian Startup of the year category! It only takes a couple of seconds to vote, but it can make a tremendous difference for us!


You can vote until the 7thof April here:


Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts – The MobieTrain Team


MobieTrain raises €1 million

Press Release: London: 07/03/2019

Edtech startup raises one million euros seed funding to scale mobile learning platform across Europe and the Middle East.

MobieTrain, a mobile platform for personalised workplace learning, raises one million euros in a capital round at the Limburg Investment Company LRM, ING and a number of private investors. Based out of Genk, Belgium, the microlearning startup has 10,000 users across 13 countries and already counts BMW, Vans, Massimo Dutti and Zara as clients.

This mobile-first platform empowers employees with daily, bite-sized training content that boosts knowledge retention and productivity. Founded by Guy Van Neck, and Mireille van Hemert-Schelling, this young company has rapidly acquired an extensive customer base in the retail and fintech sectors.

“Mobietrain is a promising company that is experiencing rapid growth. We strongly believe in the potential of Mobietrain and in the need of companies to provide employees with fast and efficient knowledge through a digital and personal application, ” says Tom Aerts, Head of Smart Services & Manufacturing at LRM.

In 2019, the Belgian e-learning company plans to use the fresh funding to further develop their product by combining artificial intelligence and social learning to increase personalisation of learning paths. They also plan to use the capital injection to double its team to focus on marketing and the international roll-out of the platform.

“We are already very active in the retail sector and we want to strengthen our position in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. But our platform is, of course, applicable in every sector, such as automotive or banking. So there is also immense growth potential. We want to focus strongly on the launch in Europe in the coming months and the Middle East is also on our radar. We will start right away at Unleash London on 19th-20th March,” says Guy Van Neck.

Aiming to secure 100,000 users by the end of 2019, MobieTrain has also gained success and recognition as winners of Unleash 2018’s biggest startup competition , a Top 10 HR Tech Provider award and alumni of StartupBootcamp. They will continue to speak and exhibit and Europe and the Middle East’s leading HR Tech events throughout 2019, including Retail Week Live, Arch Summit and HR Tech Mena.

– End of press release –

More info:

Guy Van Neck, CEO MobieTrain

Goele Lemmens, Press Officer LRM

Microlearning revolution

The microlearning revolution

Knowledge is power, but is that power being lost in the workplace with traditional training and Learning Management Systems? UNLEASH Startup Competition Winner, MobieTrain is on a mission to transform this system for the mobile, millennial workforce. And here’s why.

Did you know that 80% of knowledge from traditional training is forgotten after 30 days?” asks Guy Van Neck, Founder of MobieTrain. “In an increasingly competitive work climate, we’re putting more and more emphasis on empowering our employees and providing outstanding customer experience. Knowledge is at the core of this empowerment, but the way that it’s currently being delivered just isn’t working. So we’re here to change that.”

And through winning UNLEASH Amsterdam’s biggest ever startup competition, they’re certainly on the right track. So what exactly caught the judges’ eyes at UNLEASH, and what do MobieTrain themselves have to say about winning and the future of work?

Microlearning: More than Just a Buzz-Word

A lot of buzz words fly around these days, as businesses compete with each-other to keep ahead of the latest trends. Disruption, AI, Bots, Growth hacking, AR and VR; every company has a stance. Micro-learning, which is at the core of MobieTrain, is another such term. But in winning our competition, and having already received considerable traction across the EMEA market, MobieTrain shows that microlearning is here to stay.

But what is it exactly?

Micro-learning is bite-sized training content, offering just the right amount of knowledge to help a learner achieve a specific, actionable objective. In MobieTrain’s case, employees are provided with 5 minutes of mobile training daily. Not only does this improve engagement and avoid knowledge overload, it is also proven to improve knowledge retention. Meaning that employees are more able to use this knowledge to boost sales, productivity and customer experience, while easily being able to fit it into their working day.

“We’re thrilled to be putting microlearning on the map by winning UNLEASH’s competition. Microlearning is the best way for the mobile workforce to not just learn, but use that knowledge to make a real impact. And for just 5 minutes a day, engagement rates are sky high.”  says Guy Van Neck.

Making learning fun again

Let’s talk more about employee engagement, the holy grail of any HR tech initiative. How do we encourage employees to play an active part in their own development? How do we intrinsically motivate them to hit targets and provide amazing customer experience?

Gamification plays a big part in this. And we’re not just talking leaderboards and badges. MobieTrain demonstrates that a key to increasing success is an understanding of how to intrinsically motivate learners, beyond a need to just compete with colleagues.

This is achieved through personalisation. Visual learning paths and personal profiles show each individual user how they are progressing, and in-app messages and badges keep them engaged at key points. And their planned integration of AI in the coming months will drive this personalisation even further.

Variety of content is also key. As a mobile generation, we are now used to consuming a vast amount of content on a daily basis. So businesses need to keep their training content interesting. This includes video, animations, interactivity and quizzes. Delivered on any mobile device to access at anytime.

What’s next?

“It’s going to be an exciting year ahead for MobieTrain. Our previous UNLEASH competition winners have gone on to achieve increased investment and win significant new business. We look forward to seeing what MobieTrain can achieve, and in welcoming them back to our events next year.” said Marc Coleman, CEO and Founder of UNLEASH

As Gold Sponsorship package winners, a prize that totals a huge €25,000, MobieTrain will be looking to continue their success by exhibiting at UNLEASH next year. In the meantime, they plan to continue supporting their clients and perfecting their product:

UNLEASH has given us even more incentive to keep pushing forward with our product. Our vision is to set the global standard in mobile-learning, and with victories like this we are getting closer to empowering more and more workforces worldwide.” said Guy Van Neck.

The message is loud and clear. Microlearning is booming. And the future of work is now.

Originally published by Unleash:

Mobile microlearning platform MobieTrain

We’ve been awarded Top 10 HR Tech Solution Provider 2018


We’re proud to have been selected as one of 2018’s Top HR Tech Solution Providers! MobieTrain was selected by leading HR Magazine, HR Tech Outlook,  for the prestigious award.

Check out their feature below that explains why they awarded us the title:

Boosting Performance with Micro-learning

It is surprising, yet true; 80 percent of employees forget what they learn after a month. Adding fuel to the knowledge crisis is the amount of domain-specific facts that each employee has to learn in a short time, which can prove overwhelming. The traditional training model is no longer sufficient for organizations focused on bridging this knowledge gap. MobieTrain meets the challenge head-on, with their mobile-first, micro-learning platform that delivers short bursts of training that boosts knowledge retention in only 5 minutes per day.

“We provide an affordable, user-friendly, mobile learning platform that revolutionizes training,” says Guy Van Neck, CEO of MobieTrain.

MobieTrain’s micro-learning platform makes learning fun and engaging. The solution comprises three components, with the first being the Content Management System. The CMS empowers customers to transform their own learning content into mobile learning paths that can take anything from a week to six months to complete. They can tailor the content around the amount of training needed on any topic from customer service, selling techniques, retail tips and tricks and more.

The second component is a web application that delivers this training content to employees on any device, anywhere. It combines micro-learning and gamification to engage and empower employees to drive their own development. MobieTrain has developed an inbuilt knowledge retention algorithm through which knowledge is refreshed after certain intervals, to ensure the training is remembered and applied.

As a company, MobieTrain is first focused on the retail industry, as the knowledge crisis is prevalent here. Stores are challenged to provide a consistently good customer experience, and this means training a diverse and mobile workforce on an ever-changing topic base. That is why the third component of MobieTrain’s solution is a comprehensive dashboard, that gives management mirror insight into exactly what is happening at their stores.

MobieTrain’s dashboard provides business-critical data and insights into activity and engagement levels in order to clearly showcase knowledge gaps within the organisation.

Personal learning paths can then be used to address the knowledge gaps and training needs of each individual and, based on that result, employees can be given additional coaching or face-to-face training.

One notable instance where MobieTrain’s expertise came to the fore was for a big fashion retailer. They are distributors for more than 40 different big brands in the Middle East and Africa and didn’t want to reinvent the wheel on customer service and selling techniques within their brands. The CEO of the company wanted a distribution tool and some general content that would work across all of their brands, so as to easily monitor the selling and customer service techniques.

MobieTrain rolled out training modules for their 7800 retail fashion employees across the Middle East and Africa on behalf of more than 30 different brands to constantly monitor and optimise their training based on these parameters.

Over the coming years, MobieTrain plans to integrate social learning and chat functionality, so that employees not only learn via the learning paths but also in a structured and gamified way.  An AI-powered news feed is another inclusion in their platform that will bring it to the next level. The news feed is GDPR compliant and can be tailored according to the client’s information for the respective stores.

“Also on the cards are integrations with LMS or HR systems and incorporating AR and VR, the possibilities are endless,” concludes the CEO.

Article originally published here:

demoday 2018

It’s a wrap: StartupBootcamp Demo Day Finale


We’ve made it! After an intense 3 months of acceleration, yesterday we unveiled our successes and new platform at StartupBootcamp’s Demo Day.

As the grand finale of the leading global accelerator, we pitched MobieTrain at Rabbobank Headquarters in front of tech and retail influencers, mentors, corporate partners, and investors. We were delighted to reveal two huge new retail partnerships, (details coming soon), alongside how we have successfully validated our product as part of the guidance and support of Startupbootcamp. 


“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” When you combine this passion that Steve Jobs speaks of with the mentoring of Startupbootcamp, you have a winning combination. Our product and their guidance have opened doors with multiple big market players and we’re in the final stages of closing other key deals.” (Guy Van Neck, Founder of MobieTrain)

So- what’s next? We’re currently moving back to our home town of Antwerp, and have an exciting few months ahead building on the momentum of a fantastic 3 months in Amsterdam. MobieTrain will continue to be supported by the Startupbootcamp Global Alumni growth program, which connects over 600 startups worldwide.

And as for the new partnerships, keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks when we reveal the details!

For the full Demo Day press release, please visit:



EMC18 - Main Picture Class of 2018

MobieTrain joins StartupBootcamp Amsterdam


We’re thrilled to have been successfully selected for StartupBootcamp Commerce Amsterdam 2018.

After an intense 4 month selection process, we were chosen out of 600 international startups to join SBC’s world-leading Commerce accelerator program. It starts in just 2 weeks time in Amsterdam, and will be an exciting 3 months of workshops, one to one sessions and events with top entrepreneurs, investors and executives. It culminates in a Demo Day on 17th May where we get to present the results of our hard work in front of hundreds of press, investors and mentors.


We are thrilled to join the Startupbootcamp accelerator program. We believe that MobieTrain solves a real problem in the retail and wider L&D sectors, and this will give us the perfect opportunity to further validate our product and scale into new markets.


Guy Van Neck, Founder, MobieTrain


We will receive free office space, €15K seed money and support from Startupbootcamp partners, such as Amazon, Cisco, Ahold Delhaize, PwC, America Today and Rabobank, as well as over €500,000 in partners service and access to a network of Angels and VCs internationally for potential further investment opportunities.

For more information, see our full press release here. 

We’ll keep you updated along the journey. Bring on Amsterdam!