Mobile Training for Finance & Insurance

Track and fix knowledge gaps
Train anywhere on any device
Stay Compliant with engaging training content
Hit Targets with improved knowledge retention

Finance & Insurance Training

Our mobile training platform is built to help your advisors and employees meet targets and stay compliant. We ensure better knowledge sharing and retention to impact your liability, customer experience and business success. 

Lack of Knowledge Retention

We ensure your employees remember and apply their learnings with daily, bite-sized training content.

Compliancy & Regulatory Demands

Ensure that your employees have the knowledge required to stay compliant and meet regulations.

Large & Diverse Workforce

Seamlessly train all employees worldwide with mobile training available on any web-enabled device.

Our Mobile Learning Platform

Apply & Retain Knowledge

Ensure that your team remember and apply their training with proven knowledge retention techniques such as spaced repetition and assessments.

Gamification & Microlearning

Boost engagement and motivation with gamification and short, fun bursts of training content for only 5 minutes per day.

Personal Learning Paths

Empower your employees to improve their own specific knowledge gaps with profile-based learning paths.

Actionable Insights & Analytics

Easily track and analyse your team’s performance and knowledge gaps to optimise and incentivise training.

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Our Brand Advocates

As an early stage product, we are proud to have launched campaigns with Maasmechelen Village, Azadea, PMO and Infiniti. Through them we have built a network of 100s of established brands. Here are just some of their reviews.

They really know what they’re talking about. They deliver the content you ask for, because they know your business and understand your challenges.

Hessel Ruijgh Senior Retail Manager, Value Retail (Maasmechelen village)

I prefer MobieTrain over the past normal classroom trainings. Since this is short, not one shot training, so you are constantly involved with the training material.

Sales Employee Ugg Australia, Maasmechelen Village

We chose MobieTrain because it’s easy for us to implement and for our employees to use. It is now being used at all our offices worldwide.

Global Training Manager BARE International

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