How is MobieTrain using Gamification?

Gamification is the application of game techniques and principles in a non-gaming context. These techniques and principles are especially helpful in an educational environment, as it’s important to keep students engaged. At MobieTrain, we use them to keep your staff motivated while they go through their training content. Let’s dive into MobieTrain’s exciting gamification features, shall we?

Gamification Features

Progression Bar

Our users can always know how far ahead they are in a learning path, thanks to the progress bars available on the homescreen.


With each completed learning moment, our users will receive a number of XP points. This number will vary according to their performance!


Certain achievements will award the users with a badge. Examples include giving quick answers, or nailing a streak (3 successive correct answers)!

Compare Progression

Users can always check how many points they need to move to the next level. They can also compare their performance with their peers.

Weekly Unlocking Modules

New content keeps users coming back. Decide how you want modules to be released, to space out the training and keep the engagement.

Motivating Feedback

Our users receive feedback after each answer, through the use of text and animations. The message should be constructive and educational.


In gaming, juiciness stands for positive feedback. Our bouncing, blinging, exploding elements result in a satisfying experience for the user.

Curiosity and Surprise

People like to be surprised. Having different elements popping up on the screen makes for a more dynamic experience.

Coming Soon

We’re constantly working towards improving our app’s gamification elements. Stay tuned for the upcoming features!

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